Abridged Music

Abridged Music


Abridged music is a website that is aimed to provide music of any type or genre of music to the either casual or hard-core music lovers. This website will provide new releases, popular, classics, up & coming and many more lists of music where anybody may find what they’re looking for or interested in.


Target Audience

Abridged music will accommodate and appeal to a variety of people, although it will be mostly targeted at people aged from 15-50, mostly favouring the younger population as they’re more familiar with the technology age.

Younger: The reason that this will mostly accommodate for the younger part of the generation (15-30), because in today’s day and age the majority of people looking for new music to listen to (online at least) will be of this age bracket. They are usually looking for the next hottest thing to come into the scene of whichever genre they are interested in, so that they can be the first to tell their friends.  

Middle – Later: With this being said the remaining target audience is not any less significant. The reason being for this is because, there are still many people of this age that are still very up to date in terms of technology. They may not always be looking for new music in particular but the website also offers a location where they find music that they already know about or have heard before.


Site Map

Prior to designing the layout and the website, it was brought to my attention that I found the websites that I found easiest to navigate and find my way around are ones with a consistent and coherent design. The reasoning for this being such a great aspect is because I feel that with this as the core backbone and structure it allows for a very clean and concise looking website, which also filters any issues that could be affiliated with either elderly people using the website or anyone that is visually impaired.

Having the navigation bar a darker grey colour, with the text white will keep a very clean crisp feel and look as well as keeping the majority of the colours incorporated with the website to be mostly of this nature. The reason for this is because the website is not aimed at children or kid, therefore does not require having very extravagant colours as well as being a music site it also does not always fit.

Keeping this clean cut design, which has been decided for the website will ensure that all users have the ability to navigate their way through and about the website with no issues what so ever. This comes in very handy as well seeing as there will be a large amount of information being music throughout the website which could get confusing with the wrong design and layout.




The blueprint above represents how users will navigate the Abridged Music website. When first entering the site, there are a set of options in which the user is able to select being: Search, What’s New, Classics, Genres, Random Song, About Us and the Support Page.

The search page will direct you to a page where you may enter certain or any specific details about any kind or type of music and it will bring up that music on the Audio Player page afterwards.

On the what’s new page is a new and on demand amount of data on all different types and genres in the music industry at the current point in time, where users may discover more music they may not have heard of as of yet.

Classics and genres are similar pages in a sense, where it is directed to a page where one you have a view of old time greats where has genres gives a list of what types of songs you wish to listen to.

The random song option is something innovative, where if the user so decides to click on this button it will give a random song from and point in time of any genre which is displayed on the audio player page. Much similar to the feature that urban dictionary offers.

Leaving the about us and support page, these two pages are straightforward as the majority of sites contain these for customer service purposes.




Here are some wireframes to help demonstrate how users will interact and move around the website, notice the very clean and consistent style keeping everything coherent as well as consistent.

Home Page


Search Page


About Us Page

About Us

Audio Player Page



Controlled Vocabulary

To ensure that all content will be understood throughout, a controlled vocabulary as well as a metadata matrix database has been created. This will also help broaden a search engines ability to locate the website, based on what keywords are entered into it.

Accepted Terms

Variant Terms

Users Music Lovers
Oldies Classics
Top Hits Recent & Popular
Hard-core Very Committed
Tracks Songs
Genre Type
BPM Beats Per Minute
Composer Song Assistance and Creators


Metadata Matrix





Subject The type of data of the page being music All Types of Music Easy
Artist The name of the singer/band 2 Chainz Difficult
Album The name of the list of songs made by an artist or band Collide the Sky Medium
Audience Audience visiting the site Music Specific Information Gathering Medium
Page Type Type of site page Music Streaming Easy
Genre Type of music specifically Metal, Rock, Pop Medium
Music Streaming How the data is used Audio Streaming Medium
Track The name of the song Bulls In The Bronx Easy



Labeling and Navigation



Label Destination Heading Label Destination’s Label
Apple Icon   Apple
Store Apple Store Official Apple Store Australia – Buy the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and More
Mac MacBook Pro Apple – MacBook Pro
iPod iPod Touch Apple – iPod Touch
iPhone iPhone Apple – iPhone 5 – The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever.
iPad iPad mini Apple- iPad mini – Every inch an iPad
iTunes iTunes Apple – iTunes – Everything you need to be entertained
Support Get support by choosing your product below Apple – Support


  1. What labels you did not like and why, suggest improvements.

I felt as if the Apple website has done a very good job on appropriately naming and placing their labels. There is one suggestion that I have in concerns of improvement and that is possibly adding a label header to some of their pages, in terms of their products. For example the iPad and iPad mini needed to be clicked on for this to appear. Nothing too big as this website I feel is done very well.


  1. Whether there were any inconsistencies in the labelling system between the pages (in terms of style, presentation, syntax, granularity, comprehensiveness and audience).

There were no inconsistencies in the labelling between pages that I could find, as everything and all information is very clean and concise. This caused no confusion as to where you were navigating to or what pages you were on.


  1. Examine at least two other similar or competing web sites.  How similar are the labelling systems?  Is any one site clearly the winner (and if so, why)?

Website 1: www.samsung.com

The first comparison website that I’ve chosen was Samsungs website as they are a competing brand in this industry. The labelling is very similar in terms of being very simple and concise, although there is more clustering of each link with many drop downs in its navigation which I feel is a tad too crowded.

Website 2: www.microsoft.com

I found that on the Microsoft page, there are a lot of links on its main page. Once again the labelling is relatively similar of how each and everything is grouped, but I feel the same as the Samsung page it’s not that the page is any worse than the Apple page I feel that there is just a preference to how Apple has created better and more concise groups.

From the three websites that have been compared and evaluated my opinion is that the Apple website was a lot user friendly making it easier to navigate and so forth. That all we have for today, everyone feel free to leave your comments below.


A,B,C easy as 1,2,3… How to order alphabetically, my way!


Now I have a list… and this list will be organised alphabetically my way.

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Saint Nicholas, Belgium
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • XVIIme siècle
  • .38 Special
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • New York, New York
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • The 1-2-3 of Magic
  • Albany, New York
  • #!%&: Creating Comic Books
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • $35 a Day Through Europe
  • H20: The Beauty of Water
  • Plzen, Czech Republic
  • #!%&: Creating Comic Books
  • $35 a Day Through Europe
  • .38 Special
  • The 1-2-3 of Magic
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Albany, New York
  • El Paso, Texas
  • H20: The Beauty of Water
  • The Hague, Netherlands
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • New York, New York
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Plzen, Czech Republic
  • Saint Nicholas, Belgium
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • XVIIme siècle

1. Did you put The Hague under T or H?

A: I put “The Hague” under H seeing as “The” is most commonly ignored.

2. Did you put El Paso under E or P?

A: I Put “El Paso” under E, seeing as El Paso is a place.

3. Which came first in your list, Newark or New York?

A: New York came first before Newark, as the word is shortened.

4. Does St. Louis come before or after Saint Nicholas?

A: St.Louis comes after Saint Nicholas, because the “a” comes becomes before the t

5. How did you handle numbers, punctuation, and special characters?

A: Numbers, punctuation and special characters have been handled by the ASCII table, using the ordering system through it.

6. Assuming the italicised terms are book titles, what might be a more useful way to organise this list?

A: Having certain categorization tags or groups that may distinguish the different categories in a list.

7. If the cities represent places you’ve visited and the book titles are ones you’ve read, how could chronology be used to order the list in a more meaningful way?

A: The way that I would list these would be done by “previous read books” and “unread books” which is then placed into two different lists, ordering alphabetically.

That comes to the end of how I alphabetically order my list, feel free to follow share and all that good jazz!


Information Architect


Hello and welcome back to this opinionated blog

Today’s post will on, “Describing what role an Information Architect plays in the development of a web site.” Firstly we will start off by defining what an information architect is…

Information architecture is Information architecture (IA) is the art and science of organizing and labeling data including: websites, intranets, online communities, software, books and other mediums of information, to develop usability and structural aesthetics. According to Wikipedia… not that reliable but we have a general concept of what it is now.

The role an information architect plays that I believe in the development of a website, is that they are not only organise what is necessary in terms of what goes into the website but many of the things that the designers and programmers miss while developing the website must be picked up upon by the information architect.

With great information architecture, it vastly improves the production benefitting the consumers and producers.

So that’s my explanation of what role an information architect plays in the development of a website. Feel free to like, share, follow and I’ll see you guys next time!


Web 3.0! Better than sliced bread!


Hello you wonderful and amazing people

Web 3.0, what is this phenomenon that will be bigger than sliced bread you may ask? My opinion of Web 3.0 is that it will have a huge impact on how users experience the web. The reason for this is because even as new as it is, Web 3.0 is already on the horizon to improving our Internet experience.

The way I know this is because I myself am currently working in a project for CSIRO that incorporates this very module of semantic web as we’re creating a health information system based on this. I’m currently still fairly new to the whole aspect of semantic web but the more the project progresses the more convinced that it is the future.

Semantic web is just around the corner with all the perks of the intuition of the Internet being able to process, gather and link information together. With this being said their still are concerns involving the humanity of mankind when data becomes machine understandable and the world is completely run and known top to bottom… I say that there’s a good possibility to there will be less of a so called “mankind” but with that being said mankind had always adapted to whatever the situation, in my personal opinion I just that it will become a part of mankind not blur it out.

Once again thanks for reading guys, comment, follow, subscribe all that good jazz and ill see you guys next time!


Facebook: Terms of Service

Hello all

We’re back once again, this time about the terms of service and privacy policies that relate to our too popular Facebook! Now I’m sure that we’ve all done the good old “yes >yes > tick this > tick that > done!” procedure past the terms and conditions page on any sign up website.terms-and-conditions-facebook

So lets actually delve into what were actually agreeing on shall we? Now we all know that Facebook is great in terms of connecting people but when it comes to privacy it sure is no saint… How much information that you’re sending through it is really private? Now then, have you ever sent any information or data to another person or deleted an embarrassing post, picture or even video? Well have no fear! According to Facebook this is all deleted

“When you delete IP content, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer”

Meaning that this data is all still backed up in copies even after your IP has been deleted… They say that this content is not a available to others ,so then why keep the backed up copies right? Smooth Facebook smooth…

Overall even though Facebook does have this tiptoed around approach as to saying all your information is ours essentially, I think it’s a great site and does what it’s supposed to do which is be a social media network. I’m mean just don’t do anything you’ll regret somebody recording and you’ll be good as gold right? 😀

Anyways once again thanks for reading through, feel free to comment, follow, subscribe anything 🙂


Feed Readers

Hello once again peers and colleagues

Previously in my past RSS feed reader experience, I’ve found that it it’s very useful when trying to stay up to date with all new content whatever page I had subscribed to. After some amount of time though (2 weeks)… I started to forget and I wouldn’t say became uninterested in what I had subscribed to, but there was just too much to keep up with and was less invested in keeping up with every single thing I had subscribed to. Now that Google Reader has been shutdown I don’t currently use any form of RSS feeder.

Pros & Cons


    There’s the option of always being up to date with whatever you’re subscribed to, so being able to stay on top of all new stories.
    Very convenient in terms of getting all the information in one location.


    When subscribed to a sufficient amount of things, the information can be overwhelming and become too much for one to handle.
    Not all information is published in the RSS feed, and often enough must go to the site so read the full story.


Those are my thoughts on RSS feeders, once again feel free to leave a comment , follow… whatever you want 🙂


First Post!

Hola fellow peers and colleagues!

My name is Marcus Lee, I’m in my final year of my bachelors at Griffith University currently studying IT, majoring in business analysis and information systems.

A little bit about me: I love playing video games and sports, currently playing Starcraft II, HoN, Dota 2 and League of Legends. In terms of sports my favourite are football (soccer) and UFC/ Muay Thai Boxing.

Keen on learning what I can from this course and complete it to the best of my abilities.

Feel free to follow me on www.twitch.tv/AngelsNRG and www.youtube.com/user/AngelsNRG for some enjoyable gaming!


P.S. This is my first time blogging so all criticism is welcome 🙂

Talk to you all soon!